Saturday, December 12, 2009

About Solmentes Press

Solmentes Press and Solmentes are imprints of David Esslemont, a British artist, designer, printer, bookbinder, and publisher living in America.
Esslemont began publishing in 1978 and his books were issued with the imprint ‘David Esslemont’. The name Solmentes Press was created in 2000 and first used for Inside the Book. While appearing to have a higher meaning, Solmentes is simply an anagram of Esslemont.
His first books were hand-printed from metal type on a Columbian press, today they are still printed letterpress, but from photopolymer plates on a Heidelberg cylinder press. The letterpress books are generally categorized as ‘fine press’ and printed in limited editions of around 200 copies, sometimes less.
Inkjet printers are also used to make digital books and these tend to be classified as ‘artists books’. The subject matter of Esslemont’s books range from bibliography to poetry. My Fellow Citizens, Barack Obama’s inaugural address, is a new departure that reflects the publisher’s independent vision.
Passion for books
Above all there is a desire to make distinctive, elegant and readable books that are not only a joy to read but also a delight to all the senses. The choice of materials and attention to detail reveal a passion for books and respect for the history of printing.

About David Esslemont

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