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stockhausen #4


Working on a smaller scale – approximately 200 x 150 mm (8 x 6 inches), the actual size of the detail above is 63 x 38 mm (2.5 x 1.5 inches).


stockhausen #3


Adding watercolour and opaque white to the palette of acrylic inks.

Pondering how to represent the time/space/linear nature of a musical piece. The appeal of one or two bars of music or a group of phrases is that the main visual forms are limited in number. I have in mind to make a book of images, the pages of which can be turned in time with the music, like a score. The images will also be displayed in linear sequence and as frames in a video.



Stockhausen #2

s006d2 & so06d1
Listening to Laura Ruiz Ferreres playing In Freundschaft on: Werke für Klarinette solo (2009), Dreyer Gaido CD 21049

Stockhausen In freundschaft – introduction

In Freundschaft: study002Began work yesterday on the Stockhausen project, based on 'In Freundschaft' for solo clarinet. It will be interesting to see where this goes . . .

Twitter has a surprising and amusing pedigree

Nature-printed by Henry Bradbury
I am currently working on my text to accompany 'Florilegium Solmentes', a project inspired in part by Roderick Cave's forthcoming book Impressions of Nature. In this fascinating and comprehensive history of nature printing an unexpected topic arises – plagiarism. In his chapter 'Industrial espionage: the case of Henry Bradbury', Cave introduces an unfortunate pioneer of 'nature-printing' in nineteenth-century England.

Bradbury's father was a partner in Bradbury and Evans, printers and publishers of Punch and Charles Dickens among others, as well as some noteworthy volumes of nature printing. One of these was the four-volumeNature-printed British Sea-weeds, by William Grosart Johnstone and Alexander Croall, 'Nature-printed' by Henry Bradbury. Completed in 1860, the editors pen a lively Preface to the final volume:

'The quaint old writers of the sixteenth century were wont to chat sunnily and lovingly, through pag…