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Florilegium Solmentes to be published at Oak Knoll Fest on 31 October

Florilegium Solmentes will make its first appearance in public this weekend in New Castle, Delaware, at the 17th Oak Knoll Fest . Full details will now be found on the Solmentes Web site . Here is the final description: Florilegium Solmentes is a portfolio of twenty-four unique ‘digital’ flowers created by David Esslemont from ‘nature prints’ of leaves, from scanned petals and from other parts of plants found on his farm in northeast Iowa. Some flowers are wholly imaginary, others are loosely based on real specimens. The project evolved from nature printing experiments inspired by the writings and examples of some notable pioneers such as Luca Pacioli. An accompanying book, The Making of Florilegium Solmentes , tells the story. It describes how the flowers were created using image-editing software and how the geometry of the flower led to some interesting diversions into the world of mathematics, optical illusions and pattern making. Included are eight original prints from lea