Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stockhausen In Freundschaft – work in progress

In Freundschaft – gallery installation – 1

Working again on the Stockhausen piece for solo clarinet, In Freundschaft. The installation photo above shows two large paintings together with smaller sketches. The painting on the right wall measures 96 x 42 inches, while the painting on the back wall measures 72 x 48 inches. These are derived from the "master painting" (67 x 108 inches) seen below.
In Freundschaft – gallery installation –2
None are intended to be the definitive, or final work in this series, as it still a work in progress. These pieces started life as interpretations or responses to a piece of music, but there comes a point in the creative process where the painting grows and matures and develops a life of its own and leaves the home, so to speak.

The main challenge is how to represent the linearity of music on a single rectangle and the solution might be a series of paintings. I have made a series of linear drawings in book form, where the pen behaves like an oscilloscope of sorts. One may argue that there is just as much potential in a single painting, given that the piece of music as a whole itself possesses all the lyricism and aesthetic qualities that a painting can offer and I have made several studies with this premise in mind. Currently I have been listening to just a few bars and painting in response; and making enlarged detailed selections, as seen above.

Scale is important, and I am seeking a larger gestural solution, hence these gallery installations – all digital creations, based on a small painting 8 x 5 inches. I am seeking the sonorous qualities seen in paintings by Barnett Newman, Yves Klein and other Color Field painters, together with the gestural lyricism of the action painters such as Jackson Pollock and Cy Twombly.










Watch and listen to the piece performed by Han Kim.

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