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Pizza from Scratch – Part 2

January 2016: Return to Pizza . . . a year later . . . the wheat has been harvested, a new pizza oven built and pizzas cooked, so the time has come to make the book. Working with colored markers I make storyboards of three-inch-square thumbnail sketches charting the progression of events. Weeds, burning, charred remains, and cultivating Since I began with the notion of clearing a field of weeds, and weeds are the subject of the woodcuts already completed (see  Pizza – a work in progress ) this will be my starting point. In these thumbnails  I envision a portrait-format book, with tall narrow pages, that opens to form a square – a useful frame for pizza. Sowing seed, seedlings, scarecrow, harrowing The organic Glenn spring wheat came from Johnny's Select Seeds in Maine.  Next, I chart the cultivation of heirloom Amish Paste tomatoes. The tomato seeds were planted before the wheat, so if the book is to progress chronologically these images should be first. Ho