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How to get your books bound by the best bookbinders in the world

How serendipity led to  Inside the Book  playing a leading role as the  set  book in a new bookbinding competition. The Open•Set bookbinding competition is now a traveling exhibition and opens on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 in the University of Iowa Special Collections galleries, Iowa City (details below). I was one of the jurors and I am pleased to offer you an overview of the competition together with some insight into how my book came to be bound by some of the best bookbinders in the world. Sol RĂ©bora, 1st place, SET book, Inside the Book đŸ“·American Academy of Bookbinding I was pleased to meet Lang Ingalls, the chief organizer of Open•Set at a party in New York following the 2015 FPBA Manhattan Book Fair. She asked if I had any books in unbound sheets for a new competition . . . coincidentally I still had almost half the edition of Inside the Book . "The OPEN • SET competition is a NEW triennial competition that formed in response to the burgeoning interest and palpabl